Video Poker Online

Some of you are just always on the hunt for some fun casino games at home.  One favorite video game among most California casino visitor is video poker.

Where can you play video poker online?

There are several websites that you can join if you’d like to play online video poker.  Some are free, others are paid.  The paid sites are actual online casinos where you can play video poker online and possibly win some money.

The benefit of playing online video poker is that you don’t have to go down to a casino to play.  All you need is your computer or laptop and an internet connection.

You can even play at home while you are in your pajamas and eating breakfast.  I wouldn’t try that at a casino.

Where to play free online video poker?

My favorite way to play video poker online for free is to go to Bovada and play “Practice Plays”.  You can play around on the site for as long as you want without using real money.  If you get the urge to later on, you can deposit money (usually giving you a hefty bonus) and then playing for real cash like you are in an actual casino.

Bovada has several different online video poker games, just like you’d find in a casino:

You can find your favorite game by playing for free before you ever even decide to play for your own money.  Casinos in California don’t allow you to play around for free to test the waters like this.