Los Angeles Bail Bonds

This is a post just as a helpful little tool for those California casino visitors who get a little out of hand.  It isn’t exactly a hard to believe story that some people misbehave at casinos and their bars and wind up spending a night in jail.

Los Angeles is a major location that sees a lot of tourists getting arrested.  Either it is the city that makes fun too easy to reach, or its that the city is broke and needs to find other ways to make money.  Maybe it is a little of both.  Either way, it gets to be difficult to find yourself a way out of the slammer, especially when you are on a trip.

Most people understand the idea of posting bail fairly well.

  1. Person gets arrested
  2. Person spends some time in jail
  3. Person gets brought in for arraignment or a bail hearing
  4. Judge decides how much bail is
  5. Person pays bail and leaves jail
  6. Person returns for their trial and gets bail money back

Now lets look back to step five, the step where the arrested individual needs to post bail.  What happens if you cannot afford bail?

There is an easy option of using bail bonds.  Los Angeles is full of locations offering  are a pretty efficient way to get yourself out of jail in a rush by paying approximately 10% of what your bail price is.

A bail bondsmen will post your bail for you if you pay about 10% to them.  When you return for your trial they will receive all of the money associated with your bail and keep the 10% you paid as their profit.

Los Angeles bail bonds are available within 2 hours by phone calls or you can stop into one of the MANY locations around Los Angeles to speak with an individual to help get somebody else out of jail on bail.  It may sound dumb, but it could help to bring one of these numbers with you when heading to Los Angeles, just in case.