Betting on the Superbowl Online – California

I’m not sure  about the rules in the rest of the country, but there are no sports books in the state of California.  This means that if you want to make any bets on the Super Bowl this weekend, you’ll have to either drive to Vegas, find a bookie or place a bet online.

The best online sportsbook that I know of is Bovada.  I have been using them since they were known as Bodog.  When most of the online gambling sites went down, Bodog survived.  There has never been an issue with me receiving my payouts with them.  Bovada is a trustworthy company that almost always has a special offer to keep you playing.

Super Bowl First Deposit Bonus – 50% Bonus

That means that if you deposit $100 right now, they will give you a free $50 to gamble with. You can either use that in the same bet you are making, make a side bet or use it on the online poker tables.

The current Super Bowl Vegas odd are:

Over/Under Line: 47 points

Spread: San Francisco (-3.5)

Personally, I think Ray Lewis is going to retire with another Super Bowl ring.  That’s just me though…

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