Where to bet on sports in California?

With the current playoff situation, a lot of people are looking to bet on sports in California.

Can you make a sports bet in the state of California?  Unfortunately the short answer is no, but you do have a couple of options if you want to make some money on these games.

Betting on sporting events in California as well as 48 other states is still illegal.  Your first option, if you want to walk into a casino and make a sports wager, is to cross the state border and find a casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Well, then how can you find a sports book in California?

Well in our modern web age, there are plenty of websites open to American gamblers who want to make sports wagers.  Casinos-in-California.com supports both Bovada Online Sports Book and Sportsbook.com for making online bets.  These are both trustworthy sources that we have tested.  Both have quick and efficient payouts and offer betting on pretty much every sports event (US and international).

Also, both Bovada and Sportsbook.com have bonuses with your first deposits using the links below.

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