Three tips for poker beginners

Are you a poker beginner or somebody who has yet to play? You may have missed the big poker fad from the mid 2000’s, but right now there are still plenty of opportunities to get into the game.

You can find plenty of online poker games or head to most casinos or poker rooms in California for a quick game to buy into. You can either join in cash games or tournaments, depending on your skill level and preference of play.

Here are 3 tips for beginners to help get you started with poker playing strategies for beginners.

1. Don’t use your money to play. We arent’t saying that you should start borrowing money, but rather, play with “play money”. You can get involved in a lot of online poker sites that give you play money to practice with. You aren’t going to be playing many skilled players like this, but the benefit is learning how the game works. You will learn the best hands in poker, how game play works, and poker lingo.

2. Try several different strategies until one sticks. You have to find out what makes you comfortable and what gets you to win. If playing aggressively is out of your nature and you find yourself losing a lot of money then you should definitely adjust your game play to something that works out better for you.

3. Keep your ego in check. After winning a few big hands you might get some false confidence. This is not the time to start throwing money around. Stick to your strategy and make sure you keep getting better and better at it. You should play usually, pretty much the same when you are the chip leader and when you are one of the lower stacks at the table.

These tips are just to help get you started with poker. After some time you can move onto some more advanced techniques like bluffing, slowplaying, etc. For now, just focus on learning the game and keeping yourself level headed.