Will Drew Brees Break Dan Marino’s Record?

Let’s take a quick look at Drew Brees’ current quest for going down in the history books as the record holder for the most passing yards in a season.

Dan Marino currently holds the record for most passing yards in a season at 5,084 yards. He accomplished this feat in 1984 with the Miami Dolphins. In 2008, Brees came within 15 yards of matching the record.

Going into today’s game against the Tennessee Titans, Brees had a total of 4,031 passing yards. He was off to a slow start in the first half, but finished today with 337 yards.

Doing the upper level math…he now has 4,368 yards. That is 716 yards to go in 3 games. That being said, if he averages 239 yards per game in the upcoming weeks, the record is his!

Looking forward to the next 3 weeks opponents:

  • Minnesota Vikings – The Vikings are 26th in the NFL passing defense, averaging 252 passing yards against them per game.  This week they gave up 227 yards to Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions in a 34-38 victory.
  • Atlanta Falcons – 21st in the NFL for passing yards against, with opponents averaging 239.8 yards per game.  Today they had a last minute win against Cam Newton’s Carolina Panthers in which Newton threw for 276 yards.
  • Carolina Panthers – Way back in 2008, this was the team that stopped Brees 15 yards shy of getting this record out of the way earlier.  Opponents average 230.5 yards against the Panthers this season.

If I was a betting man, and I am, I’d put a lot of money on Brees breaking this record.  I believe he will wind up throwing for over 5250 yards.

If you’re a betting man (or woman), check out this online sports book to find a bet on Drew Brees’ record.